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The Versa-Bath Seat™ is a portable, lightweight seat that allows disabled, injured or elderly persons to easily get into the bathtub. This fully adjustable seat is simple to install, designed to attach securely to the side of the bathtub. The seat rotates a full 90 to accommodate both left- and right-handed faucets. The Versa-Bath Seat™ is the only seat in the industry that offers a bidet-like system creating water flow from the seat bottom to assist in the cleaning of private areas, increasing the users comfort and maintaining self-respect, privacy and dignity by providing complete and unassistied hygiene.


Developed by a team of leading veterinarians with the assistance of a chemist, a pharmacist, and a food scientist, PEP’s unique formula fills the nutritional needs of animals of many species of varying ages and health conditions. In extensive research at leading veterinary medical universities research laboratories, and private practices, PEP has been proven effective in clinical settings.


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US Patent Number 6,226,810
International Patent Pending


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